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Quite often we’ll hear of a product that promises to hit the proverbial two birds with one stone. Very few of those products make good on their promise however. The miggo wants to fulfill that and more. Photographers are far too aware of the burden of carrying separate bags for cameras and personal effects. This camera accessory solves that conundrum by having the strap itself wrap around the camera which you can drop in your other bag without worrying about nicks and scratches. The Strap & Wrap miggo connects to your camera via the tripod mount and then hangs like your traditional OEM strap. After you’re done shooting, you simply wrap it around the lens and camera to transform it into a protective case. It works with mirrorless or point-and-shoot cameras and even entry-level DSLRs. Unfortunately, it won’t fit those long telephoto lenses. There’s even the Grip & Wrap miggo, for people who prefer grip support for the camera rather than the neck strap. Like the Strap & Wrap version, this one also transforms into a protective case. The Kickstarter project has demolished their target funding with nearly a month more to go so expect to get your miggo as soon as the product goes live. $35+.

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