Mondo Black Garlic: Love Your Heart

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While it might be really tempting to eat everything with a dash of bacon, it’s not without consequences. Couch potatoes and armchair warriors are really at a risk of heart attacks from high-cholesterol and spiking blood pressure so you’ll need all the help you can get for your heart. One proven health food is garlic but the smell and pungent flavor throw some people off. Mondo Foods takes away that raw garlic edge by fermenting the bulbs for a month and resulting in black garlic. The color and the look may not be that appealing but the sweetened flavor and smoother texture will be perfect as your next snack. Black garlic is said to have more than ten times the antioxidants of raw garlic. More cancer and cholesterol-fighting properties which means more health benefits for your hardworking ticker. Comes in a one or in quarter pound packs. $23.

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