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Can’t wait ’til Christmas? It’s only 79 days more. How about your retirement? Depending on how hard you work, then that could be variable. Or you can just set a fixed date and work your way towards it. The motivation can be the remaining days displayed on the Countdown Clock from Mr. Jones Watches. It’s pretty straightforward really – you set the event that you wanna see, press a button to set the number of days and the clock does its job. It takes off one day at a time, giving you a complete visual representation of your target. That’s a lot easier to follow right? No more computation of days left because it’s not only tedious, your guess won’t be as accurate. Unless you’re a genius of course. The Countdown Clock can display a date that’s 999 days away or about 2.7 years. Hope you’ll be as lucky and you can retire before that time. ~$120.

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