Nautica NST 550 Tide Temp Compass

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Living up to their name, Nautica introduces the NST 550 Tide Temp Compass quartz watch that’s every mariner’s dream. It features three important functions that are useful for navigation across the seas. Housed in a manly, 47mm-wide case, the watch has four hands on the dial including the usual hours, minutes and seconds indicator. What’s special about this watch is the fourth hand that indicates high or low tide plus tidal rise or fall, the ambient temperature or your current geographical heading. A bi-directional turning bezel lets you calibrate the compass and point to the north, according to the magnetic needle. Temperature ranging from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius can be measured by the watch, and the Indiglo function allows you to read the display legibly even in the dark. Another complication is the small date window by the 3 o’clock position. The dial is marine-inspired as well, with that exquisite wavy pattern. It’s available in several colors with stainless or rubber bracelets. ~$390.

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