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Electricity and water never mix well. One or two things could happen – you could either get the shock of your life or you could say adios to your beloved gadget. The idea couldn’t be clearer when we’re talking about batteries, power supplies and high energy devices. But if you have the PowerPak Xtreme from New Trent, then it’s a different story altogether. Enclosed in a tough casing is a battery pack and power supply that deliver 5V of potential at 1 ampere for charging your smartphones or 2 amps for tablets when you’re out in the wilderness. The PowerPak Xtreme is dust and shockproof as well, making it the ideal companion for people who enjoy the great outdoors. On the technical side, the battery pack has a 12,000 mAh capacity, letting you top-up your phone for up to six times. It’s durable too, both inside and out thanks to a rugged shell and batteries tolerant to about 500x charge cycles. Compatible with all iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets. One word of advice though – never check the PowerPak’s waterproof capability while charging your gadget because it will be bad news all around, trust us. $60.

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