Nike Fingertrap Max Free

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Nike Fingertrap Max Free

Here’s a new challenge for you - keep up the weight loss program (if there was any) or continue your exercise regimen while keeping the pristine and pure look of this Nike Fingertrap Max Free. Before you dismiss the task, just remember how rewarding this could be. You’d have to watch your move every step of the way. No room for errors because one misstep and it could mean a marred look for this Fingertrap. This would be effective for you in the long run because you run to run and not just for the sake of it. You’ll also be exercising knowing full well that a loss in focus could give you dirty shoes. The white on white combo on this model looks absolutely sublime. You’d get that unique and unusual look for the upper which resembles a Chinese fingertrap from your youth. It provides superior comfort thanks to the strategically-placed vents plus an excellent fit without adding weight. Before the Max Air cushions are Phylon midsoles for support. Rubber outsoles provide the traction. So are you up to the challenge? Or you could just skip the exercise, maintain the totally clean look of these shoes and be on your merry way. $125.

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