Nikon D610

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After a year of introducing the first full-frame format camera that’s relatively affordable to the general masses, the D600, Nikon announces its replacement with the D610. It’s still carrying the 24.3MP FX-format CMOS sensor measuring 35.9x24mm for exceptionally-sharp images and full HD video. The sensor is helped by the EXPEED 3 processing engine for vivid colors and a wide tonal range. Shooting from ISO 100 to 6400, the D610 will let you capture high-quality images even in the poorest of light. The 39-point Autofocus System with Scene Recognition means that you can catch still subjects or even the faster ones. And just to be sure that you get the fast movers, the D610 shoots at 6 frames per second. Dual SD card slots ensure that you have plenty of space for your shots or you can simply back them up for security. Hook up a wireless adapter to the camera and you can share your shots with the rest of the world instantly. The D610 will be available with the body only, or with several lens combos. $2,000+.

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