Nintendo Wall Graphics: Living in an 8 Bit World

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Plunderguide is a guide made for men, but some men still live in their mom’s basement. For those special readers we bring you these Nintendo wall graphics, a high quality, super restickable vinyl with scenes straight from your favorite Nintendo games. They can be applied and removed at your choosing and do no damage to your wall. Right now all that is available is Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers but more should be coming soon. Don’t expect too many females to dig this design when you show them your new room remodeling, but if you happen to find any, have her shoot me an e-mail. $75.

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One Comment to “Nintendo Wall Graphics: Living in an 8 Bit World”

  1. 12-05-2008 at 2:16 pm

    I am a girl and I absolutely LOVE this design. I plan on doing my Bathroom in Nintendo, probally just Super Mario Bro. Btw alot of my friends that happen to be girls think its a pretty sweet idea also. I guess we are just not your typical girls.

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