Oakley BOTTLECAP: Set To Get Wet

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Outdoor activities almost always mean that your feet will get wet one way or another. With the Oakley BOTTLECAP shoes, your performance is guaranteed whether you’re in the drink or not. The shoe has a quick-drying, fast-draining design courtesy of the breathable microfiber material and the open mesh construction. A speedlacing system allows for quicker tightening of the shoelaces with a sure snug fit. Protective EVA midsoles absorbs the impact on your feet and a proprietary UNOBTAINIUM rubber outsole gives you an even grip on wet or dry surfaces. Finally, a plastic toe cap hides your little piggies from getting banged on impact. $80.

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One Comment to “Oakley BOTTLECAP: Set To Get Wet”

  1. 10-06-2010 at 9:54 am

    This is a very coool shoe! I’d like to have one myself!

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