OCZ Throttle eSATA Drive: The Next Standard?

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When the thumbdrive/USB drive came, it took the world by storm and it became the standard for portable media that’s rewritable. Now from OCZ comes the next standard that might replace the USB Drive. Released by OCZ is the new Throttle eSATA Drive which is actually External Serial ATA resulting to offering increased data transfer rates with extreme portability. OCZ Throttle’s primary eSATA interface offers an incredible 90MB/second read speeds and 30MB/sec write speeds, increasing productivity! The storage capacity is 8GB ~ 32GB which gives us lots of options with the space provided. You can also use this anywhere because users can also access their data via an auxiliary mini USB port for ultimate flexibility. Like your usual USB, it’s also plug and play without the need of any drivers. There’s also a 2 year warranty if you’re not convinced enough! $TBA.

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