Olympus Stylus TG-850 iHS

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Another tough, waterproof point-and-shoot camera and one more model name to come out. Ho hum, as some people might be muttering right now. But Olympus wants you to save those ho hums because the new Stylus TG-850 iHS from their Tough line of cameras is different. While other similarly-packaged shooters might feature a fixed LCD screen, the ones loaded on this camera can tilt a full 180º. You read it right, you can now take selfies even in the most extreme of situations. And by extreme we mean under 33 feet of water and in 14ºF weather. The built-in Wi-Fi on the TG-850 is also useful when uploading said selfies to your favorite social networking site. Image-wise, the camera comes with a 16MP CMOS sensor with an amazingly wide lens that has a 21-105mm focal length (35mm equivalent). For the artsy folks, there are several Art Filters available within the menu to let you customize your shots. Olympus also encourages you to accessorize your TG-850, though the most useful might be the wrist strap that also acts as a float. The camera will be available starting February 12. $249.

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