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Going against the grain of bland plastic or metal wristwatches is Original Grain with The Rosewood. The beautiful watch is adorned with pieces of real Indian Rosewood for that truly unique look. We’re so used to seeing watches with exotic materials surrounding the case or dial like carbon fiber or ceramic, but Original Grain uses the natural grain marks of red rosewood. The type of wood has been hailed for generations for its look which is why it’s used in guitars and wooden decorations. This makes it the perfect accent to the dial as well as the bezel and bracelet links of The Rosewood. Housed in a 43mm case, the watch is animated by a Miyota Japanese quartz movement. Protecting the watchface is a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and the watch is held by a stainless steel bracelet. Look totally ‘OG’ thanks to Original Grain and their line of fantastic timepieces. $195.

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