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Proving to the world that sporting superstars can be total gentlemen away from their respective arenas is Robert Gordon Orr – more famously known as Bobby. Hockey fans sing his praises and even if you’re not familiar with the sport, you may be familiar with Bobby’s exploits on the ice, along with his famous ‘Superman’ photo (see above). People have pleaded him for years to tell his point of view when he dominated the game of hockey and the National Hockey League. Fondly remembered for his number ‘4’ Boston Bruins jersey, Bobby Orr was a defenseman but he played like the top forward of the team. He can defend on his zone then race towards the opposing goalie for a scoring opportunity. Orr was so good, he won the Art Ross Trophy as the league’s leading scorer twice, and the James Norris Trophy eight consecutive times as the best defenseman. Now, the legend is retelling his exploits in Orr: My Story. Don’t expect chapters upon chapters of silly boasts and idiotic stories within this 304-page memoir though – it’s just a nice walk down memory lane for Number 4. You know that you’re an excellent athlete when your fellow superstars have nothing but praises for you, and Bobby is the frequent recipient of those kind words. Serge Savard of the Montreal Canadiens summed it up nicely when he said ‘There are stars, there are superstars, and then there’s Bobby Orr.’ The book is available as a hardcover, dead tree version or in Kindle. $13+.

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