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Game consoles will never be the same with the upcoming release of the hottest product in the gaming world, the OUYA. Now you can relive all those awesome video game memories in your living room again with a new added fun by giving Developers the freedom to access OUYA’s open design to produce countless of epic games. And you can expect that the design of the box and the wireless D-pad controller (called the Stradivarius of controllers) will be simple, effective and user-friendly with the collaboration of the award-winning designer, Yves Behar. The OUYA has a Tegra3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM running on Android 4.0 with 8GB of internal flash storage, HDMI connection to the TV and support for up to 1080p HD, WiFi, USB and Bluetooth ready connection, and an Ethernet connection. $100+.

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