Ivy Ferguson

Exciting times today for Canadians and Southern Californians alike, particularly the hockey fans. The Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings are fighting for a spot in the Stanley Cup Championship. I only mentioned this fact because of Ivy Ferguson. She’s originally from Canada but […]

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Vans Vandana Bucket Hat

Get two hats in one with the super cool Vans Vandana Bucket Hat. One side is a harmless-looking gray variety. That look would be truly useful when you want to be inconspicuous and just blend in. Reverse the cotton bucket hat and it’s the 90’s […]

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Lenovo ThinkPad 10

While it may look like the tablet you’d lend your kid for games and such, the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 isn’t for child’s play. This device means serious business. The first thing you’d notice is the large, 10-inch Full HD IPS display with a 1920×1200 resolution. […]

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Ryu Ji Hye

Returning to our shores with more photos in various looks is the lovely Ryu Ji Hye. One thing you really can’t fault on these gorgeous Asian models is their output. Most models will probably post a couple dozen photos in their favorite social networking sites […]

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Jackson Soloist SLX

Playing music live consists of actually handling an instrument or singing your heart out with a bit of showmanship added as well. Metal guitarists can’t be bothered with costumes or other ridiculous stuff like that, which is why their guitar’s looks matter. Strap on this […]

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Nike Fingertrap Max Free

Here’s a new challenge for you – keep up the weight loss program (if there was any) or continue your exercise regimen while keeping the pristine and pure look of this Nike Fingertrap Max Free. Before you dismiss the task, just remember how rewarding this […]

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Georgia Salpa

It’s a wonder how Instagram can stay running when it’s practically flooded with super hot photos. No, I’m not talking about that latest Sriracha cupcake that you’ve decided to photograph. I’m talking about photos of babes like Georgia Salpa who decided that that social networking […]

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Sony Alpha 77 M2

If the battle has indeed shifted away from megapixels towards autofocus point counts, then everybody wins in the camera wars. Sony has certainly upped the game with the introduction of the Alpha 77 M2. A follow up to the A77 of 2011, this new iteration […]

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Jabra DRIVE In-Car Speakerphone

We won’t be stating all the horrors that can befall anyone who’s distracted by their phones while driving. You probably should know that by now. Still, we’re here to inform you that you should maintain focus whenever you’re behind the wheel. A phone call should […]

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Andrea Cifuentes

Morning, noon or night times will always be fun whenever Andrea Cifuentes welcomes you. The Peruvian babe was a contestant in ‘Bienvenida la tarde’ though we really have no idea what it’s all about. We suspect that it’s a TV show, as some websites say. […]

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