Marina Petlay

Goldy Rise, that’s the name you should be looking out for if you’re looking for the prettiest and sexiest DJ. That’s the stage name for the extremely beautiful Marina Petlay. When she’s not spinning, she’s busy burning up the lenses of photographers everywhere as a […]

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Tumi Prism iPhone 6 Plus Cover

Protect that shiny new phablet that is the iPhone 6 Plus with this classy cover. The Tumi Prism is a protective case that’s trimmed with leather, for that added style. Much has been written about the iPhone 6 Plus’s structural integrity. But we wouldn’t be […]

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Nixon The Sentry Chrono

When you rely on a classic design, you never go wrong. That’s the philosophy behind the new Nixon The Sentry Chrono. Nothing will distract you about its timeless look. The simple rounded dial features the classic T-layout of the three subdials for the chronograph. Powered […]

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Gabriela Rabelo

Nearly half a decade of absence here in Plunder Guide but it seems like Gabriela Rabelo hasn’t skipped a beat. The reason for that prolonged hiatus isn’t really clear to us. We’re just glad that she’s back. And she’s brought the appropriate level of sexiness […]

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Brixton Cable II Jacket

Temperatures slowly starting to plummet in your corner of the world? Good. You really could use a cool down now, and those pesky bugs could sure use an extended nap on the dirt. But don’t let the cold dampen your style. The new season calls […]

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iPad Air 2

After the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the ensuing debacle of ‘Bendgate’, Apple releases the iPad Air 2. The new tablet on the block is 18% thinner than its predecessor and is lighter than ever. It also looks a lot different […]

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Nadya Loren

When Nadya Loren hits the big time, remember that this is one of the first places that you’ve seen her first. The Israeli model looks the part of a supermodel and we can categorically say that she’s on her way to superstardom. You can just […]

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Ready to capture your adventures in 4K levels of resolution? GoPro has just released their new HERO4 Adventure Cameras featuring 4K video recording capabilities at up to 30 frames per second. This means that you now get to enjoy ultra-high resolution of your extreme activities […]

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Jordan Flightflex

Big superstars bring it to the big shows each and every time. What a lot of people don’t realize is that those same superstars spend hours upon hours in training and practice. Mind you, it’s not just practice but proper practice, repetition and the proper […]

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Adriana Lima

A lot of things can happen in five minutes, let alone over 12 months. What I’m talking about is the time elapsed between Adriana Lima posts. We haven’t paid attention to her goings on in various aspects of her life but we’re making amends now. […]

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