Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 External Charger

The smartphone wars are still going on in earnest. It’s not too shocking for somebody to be carrying an iPhone on one pocket and an Android phone on the other. Maybe they like the features of both smartphone lines and we’re not here to judge. […]

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Melissa Giraldo

The sheer awesomeness of Melissa Giraldo is back after a lengthy absence. It’s actually hard to believe that her last gallery was exactly 372 days ago. That’s 372 days too many, if you ask me. But even if her galleries are few and far between, […]

Pioneer DJ In-Ear Headphones

Conventional wisdom will help us identify a DJ (or even a wannabe) by the huge over-ear, articulating headphones he’s wearing. It’s not just for style purposes; those huge cans help the jockey isolate the background noise, letting him choose the next track. For that reason, […]

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Samsung Chromebook 2

Following up on their successful first release of their own Chromebook, Samsung is introducing new colors and even a new material for the cover of the Chromebook 2. The Google OS-based laptop features a Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor clocked at 1.9GHz for the 11.6-inch […]

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Anais Pouliot

Pretty sure that the name Anais Pouliot sounds sexy if pronounced correctly. The Victoria’s Secret model looks absolutely stunning in her latest campaign that we missed initially. But we have a pass because it’s the first time that this beauty visits our shores. The sexy […]

Red Jacket Pirates NIB Shirt

Everybody’s sick and tired of snow right about now. Spring can’t come any closer and with it, of course, is baseball. Being swashbucklers, you may have an idea about our favorite team logo. We may or may not necessarily be Pittsburgh Pirates fans but this […]

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Vans Soldier Ludlow

The military is known for its precision and attention to detail. If something isn’t helping with a soldier’s cause, then it’s very quickly dropped. That level of perfection can also be said for the Vans Soldier Ludlow. Alright, let’s clarify things first – this isn’t […]

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Diana Morales

Show of hands, who wants ‘moar’ of Diana Morales? I certainly do. The last time we saw this Spanish sensation was over a year ago. The time that passed saw the emergence of several galleries from this beauty. We’re truly sorry for not updating on […]

Nike Team Canada Olympic Jersey

It may still be cold out for some outdoor hockey in the upper latitudes. For Canadian fans, only a jersey like this will do. Showing pride and patriotism, this hockey jersey screams ‘Canada’ as loud as it possibly can. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi […]

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Giorgio Fedon Mechanical IV

True watch fans could go on and on about the beauty and all the important features that mechanical watches possess. But some of them cost more than your car and house combined. Maybe a few important internal organs would also go missing if you want […]

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