Jinna Cabrera

No doctor in his right mind wouldn’t want Jinna Cabrera on a follow up visit. It might be against the Hippocratic Oath that physicians would invent things to say just to see Jinna one more time. Scratch that, it’s totally against that old dude’s oath. […]

2014 Stanley Cup Finals Hats

It’s official – there would be a coast-to-coast matchup for the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals in the National Hockey League. The Los Angeles Kings knocked out the defending Stanley Cup Champs Chicago Blackhawks in an epic Game 7 at the Western Conference Finals. They would […]

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Less than a fortnight now ’til the world goes on a fever. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner. Swatch knows that perfectly well and they’ve put out the appropriate watch for the event. The ENTUSIASMO just screams Brazil and soccer. […]

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Juliana Mueller

She’s so gorgeous that we oughtta see more of her. Juliana Mueller is a fashion model with an incredibly pretty face and a banging body. Last time we saw her, we were treated to her fantastic look in bikini. She returns with more bikini goodness […]

DSPTCH Cable Case

At this day and age, it’s not totally unusual for you to lug around 2 or 3 cables at a time. Think about it: one cable for your smartphone charger, another could be your headphones and maybe one for your power bank. Sure, it’s easy […]

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UBIQ x Asics Gel Lyte V

A sweet color combo on a classic silhouette is always a winner. Just look at this collaboration. Working with UBIQ, Asics has released this Gel Lyte V in with a unique color combination. The careful placement of yellow, blue, white and pink give these Gel […]

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Xenia Deli

After a quick check in the archives, it appears that Xenia Deli hasn’t been in our vicinity for the whole of 2014. But she’s here now and she’s doing fantastic. We already know that and this latest batch of photos should confirm that. Granting that […]

Topman 58mm Aviator

Needless to say, we know a good deal when we see one. And this is definitely one of those. Nordstrom is offering these Topman 58mm Aviator sunglasses at an incredibly low price. What you’ll get is the classic silhouette, probably the most popular in the […]

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Nikon 1 J4

Humans, as a whole, have been moving a lot faster these days. The frantic pace is truly noticeable, and if you don’t freeze the moment, then it’s lost forever. Cameras are sometimes called time machines for that reason. And if your time machine isn’t running […]

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Ivy Ferguson

Exciting times today for Canadians and Southern Californians alike, particularly the hockey fans. The Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings are fighting for a spot in the Stanley Cup Championship. I only mentioned this fact because of Ivy Ferguson. She’s originally from Canada but […]