Giorgio Fedon Mechanical IV

True watch fans could go on and on about the beauty and all the important features that mechanical watches possess. But some of them cost more than your car and house combined. Maybe a few important internal organs would also go missing if you want […]

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Candice Swanepoel

Just about everybody has seen the contents of that swimsuit issue from that magazine. The babes featured there are great, but they totally missed out several noteworthy figures. Like our favorite model right here. Granted, Candice Swanepoel isn’t a swimsuit model exclusively, she can still […]

Legalize Pot o’ Gold Tee

In exactly 18 days (as of this writing), the patron saint of getting wasted and passed out drunk will be recognized yet again. Don’t get pinched by not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, it won’t hurt if the item of clothing you’ll […]

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Oakley Special Edition Heritage Frogskins

Three decades of protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays and bad styling, Oakley celebrates their milestone with a couple of new releases. This includes the Special Edition Heritage Frogskins. The latest model looks to the past but uses modern materials to match the times. […]

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Melissa Howe

After her sister, it’s now Melissa Howe‘s turn to be on the Playboy spotlight. One half of the Howe Twins returns with some fantastic shots from her recent stint with the Bunny publication. The debate will probably rage on about which Howe is actually sexier […]

Nikon D4S

The recently-concluded Sochi Winter Olympics saw a lot of firsts. Sports photographers have no doubt tested a lot of brand-new equipment as well. They are usually the first to test prototypes and they can now breathe a sigh of relief because the new Nikon D4S […]

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Herschel Little America Backpack

Thanks to those bearded boys of that duck-hunting show, America now bleeds red, blue and camo. Alright, not everyone in the great United States of America is wearing that popular pattern. But it’s really coating everything at the moment – from iPhone covers to bags […]

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Kate Upton

Gravity isn’t really kind to babes like Kate Upton. The reason is quite obvious. As Chivers would often say, Kate and her big-bosom sisters will have FLBP: Future Lower Back Problems. So for her recent shoot for Sports Illustrated, the geniuses tried the Zero-G jet […]

Nikon COOLPIX P340

Photographers use the term ‘nuking’ when you take photos in the dark with a camera’s onboard flash. No modifiers or nothing – just the straight-on light source. The result is crappy, flat photos. That’s usually the result of smaller lens apertures or even smaller sensors […]

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Lotus Motorcycles C-01

One company who’s really familiar with the whole ‘power-to-weight ratio’ thing is Lotus. Their road cars are some of the most coveted; while their race cars have shown their might in capable hands (see Kimi Raikkonen‘s 2013 Formula 1 season). But the automakers are dipping […]

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