Oliver Peoples Piedra

Look absolutely stone-cold cool hiding behind these Oliver Peoples Piedra sunglasses. Veer away a little bit from the typical blackened shades and wear something out of the ordinary. We’re quite familiar with the aviator silhouette of sunglasses but the Piedra is totally different. The 58mm […]

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Catrinel Menghia

Just to be clear, Catrinel Menghia and Catrinel Marlon are one and the same. We haven’t seen her in over a year now and it seems like this Romanian babe prefers her ‘Western-sounding’ name. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll call her by […]

Rungu Juggernaut

Snow or sand don’t stand a chance when you’re riding the unusual-looking Rungu Juggernaut. Don’t adjust your eyes or your screen – the bike really has two fat wheels up in front. Fat bikes are preferred by extreme riders who choose to tackle difficult terrain. […]

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Mother’s Day 2014 must be the most memorable for Mrs. Wanda Durant. That’s because her son, Kevin, was recently named as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. KD was truly emotional in his MVP acceptance speech. He recalled all those days when his siblings and their […]

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Viviana Ossa

She may be new to our shores but she’s dressed properly and she looks absolutely gorgeous. This means she deserves all of our warmest welcomes. Viviana Ossa is obviously a swimwear model. What’s not clear though is the rest of her story. She has a […]

Nikon Coolpix S810c

Modern smartphones are loaded with cameras that are at par, if not greater, than those found in older compact cameras. However, the ones in your phone can’t compete with a dedicated camera in certain areas. Take zooming for instance. You’re never really ‘zooming in’ on […]

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Seagate Wireless Plus

Protect your files in your mobile device, smartphone or tablet by storing them in another location, like in a portable hard drive. Trouble is, those things require a computer hosting said drive plus either a wired or a wireless connection. Could be troublesome for others […]

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Ann Denise

Really sad to know that Nuts Magazine is saying goodbye to us. Both the online and the analog versions of the magazine will cease to exist. Fortunately for us, Playboy still exists. The Bunny publication really could use all the British babes that Nuts won’t […]

Nike Air Max LeBron XI Low

Think the NBA Championship is a foregone conclusion already? That it’s headed to South Beach for the third time in three years? A lot of people think that with the way LeBron James is playing, it’s all but certain. Of course, there are people who […]

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Carlsberg x Lars Ulrich Beer

He could have been a professional tennis player like his dad, but Lars Ulrich chose a different, much better path. Instead of swinging tennis rackets, the Dane decided that hitting two drumsticks on snares, toms and cymbals are livelier. So he co-founded Metallica which was […]

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