Jordan SC-3 Premium

An elephant never forgets and in the same note, humans will never forget the unmistakeable genius of Michael Jordan. We also won’t be able to dismiss the beauty of the elephant print incorporated on the Jordan SC-3 Premium. That pattern has been seen in various […]

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Oakley iPhone 5 Throttle Case

In your home or in the office, your iPhone 5 will be perfectly fine without a case. But when you’re in your next great adventure outdoors, then that’s another story. Fortunately, companies like Oakley think about the welfare of your smartphone. This is why they’ve […]

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Georgia Salpa

The March 2014 issue of Loaded magazine is just filled from front page to back with sexiness. And their selected babe for the cover is none other than Georgia Salpa. Things are looking to go on the up and up for this Irish model. She’s […]


Water is, in its purest form, a poor conductor. But don’t tell that to the dude who recently dropped his iPhone (or another smartphone) into the toilet from his drunken stupor. Since the water we normally encounter is full of contaminants, it becomes a good […]

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Axe Girl Tee

Your disposition whenever you’re facing a beautiful girl carrying an axe should depend entirely on the expression on her face. When her eyes and eyebrows are screaming bloody murder, then it’s definitely time to scram. But when she’s all cool and seductive-like, as depicted in […]

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Yara Khmidan

Beautiful lady with a gorgeous body and an absolutely astonishing name. That combination has worked several times for a lot of the girls we’ve featured and it’s working right now. Yara Khmidan is a Ukrainian fashion model who now calls Los Angeles home. And why […]

Casio G-Shock Aviation

The one thing pilots cannot leave without before flying is not booze, but a wristwatch. When all else fails in the cockpit, a fully-functioning watch can mean the difference between landing safely and a permanent vacation. Casio has those high-fliers specifically in mind when they […]

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Griffin WoodTones Earbuds

After all’s said and done about Valentine’s Day, it’s time to relax and contemplate on your decisions. Music is almost always a good way to forget. Helping you achieve nirvana without leaving your desk or couch are these Griffin WoodTones Earbuds. We’ve often heralded the […]

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Amy Willerton

Feeling cold and blue this time of the year? In case you’re still feeling the bitter cold, let Amy Willerton warm you up in a hurry. Great Britain’s representative to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant is showing that you don’t have to be crowned in […]

Nike Dunk Low Premium SB Valentine’s Day

Treat someone special this Valentine’s Day with these special kicks. And by someone special, we mean you. Buy a gift for your loved one but don’t forget to leave some cash for yourself. The new Nike Dunk Low Premium SB Valentine’s Day edition should suit […]

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