Seahawks Super Bowl Champs Hat

The number 48 will forever be remembered in Seattle Seahawks history. Proving that defense means everything in any game, the Seahawks crushed the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII. Fun fact: The Seahawks held the most lead in a half time with a shutout, […]

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Moran Nimni

Classically beautiful with a familiar first name and a totally unique last name. That’s all we know initially about Moran Nimni. Her first name is a giveaway on her nationality (which is Israeli, in case you still wondered). She’s also part Dutch, which totally explains […]

Ray-Ban Leather Wayfarer

Don’t forget to protect your eyes, even if the temperature is dipping unusually low, with these awesome shades. While we’re familiar with all the designs that Ray-Ban has offered through the years, this leather Wayfarer is simply a sight to behold. Covering the frame is […]

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HUGO BOSS 1512500 Chronograph

Elegance and sportiness combine for the HUGO BOSS 1512500 Chronograph. Add in an incredibly huge discount and you’ve got yourself another winner with this watch. It’s large, with a 44mm-wide case made of stainless steel. The quartz movement features three subdials that are fully functional […]

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Ariadne Artiles

Heavy Spanish artillery returns fire after a long silence with Ariadne Artiles. Born in the Canary Islands so she’s holding a Spanish passport, Ariadne also has Venezuelan heritage added for good measure. She’s a fashion model who looks to keep things professional. We’ll never hear […]

New York Rangers Uniform Wallet

Hockey has gone back to their roots by playing regular season NHL games outdoors. The league wants to rekindle all the fun playing without a roof; back when hockey games were held on frozen ponds or lakes. Suffice to say, it was a success, especially […]

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iPhone 5s Case (PRODUCT) RED

No pressure here, just a calm reminder for you, our gentleman reader, that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Before you know it, the air will be filled by the smell of roses, chocolates and tears for those who didn’t give gifts to their beaus. Apple […]

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Holly Peers

Who’s feeling very Olympic today? The Jamaican bobsled team certainly is. And so is Holly Peers. She may not be competing in any of the sports in Sochi come February but she can certainly pump up the adrenaline. The UK is sending their largest contingent […]

Logitech Easy-Switch Keyboard K811

It’s not at all surprising for anyone to own two or more Apple-branded products. You could be typing on your Mac, seeing images on your iPad then checking your iPhone in rapid succession and the situation can sometimes be a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice […]

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Philips O’Neill CRASH

A good discount is always welcomed. When said discount is one bank note’s worth with Ben Franklin smiling over you, then it’s beyond good. Add the fact that the item you’re getting is virtually indestructible and you’re definitely coming up aces. That’s what the Philips […]

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