Dariya Snejenko

Dariya Snejenko is a new addition to our great country of America, she hails all the way from Ukraine. We assume that Dariya came here to pursue a career in modeling, which seems like a good move for her. Dariya says her hobbies include collecting […]

Charcoal Water Pitcher: Better Than it Sounds

This isn’t your normal, cheaply made plastic water filtration pitcher. This is made from high quality glass and stainless steel and uses Iouseki stones and Binchotan charcoal, which is an eco-friendly mix designed to last up to six months. It will filter and deodorize your […]

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Bicycle Golf Caddy: Pedal & Swing

bicycle-golf-caddy While golf may not be the most environment-friendly of sports, with this caddy accessory, you can feel at least a little less guilty about your game. Instead of driving a cart, why not tow along this Bicycle Golf Caddy? It’s true that racing carts […]

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Leighton Meester

Overall, Leighton Meester is known for playing Blair Waldorf in that teen TV show Gossip Girl. We think Leighton is not all fluffy and cute, though. Rumors are surfacing that the TV good/bad girl actually has a sex tape floating around. Not that we’re complaining, […]

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Urban Outfitters Bikes: Cycle Style

urban-outfitters-bikes-1 Companies creating products that aren’t what they are known for is a common thing right now, so might as well welcome them open arms. Another company to do this feat is Urban Outfitters. The clothing company just opened their online bike shop and are […]

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Sony Vaio W

sony-vaio-w-1 It was only a matter of time before Sony entered the netbook scene. Since we all know that their Vaio P hardly counts as a netbook (more like an accessory), we can consider the Vaio W their entry netbook. Don’t expect the 10-incher to […]

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Hannah Fulcher

Can you imagine having this chick as your nanny when you were a kid? Matter of fact, forget being a kid, we would still have no problem letting this girl watch over us and tell bedtime stories. Hanna Fulcher, when she isn’t working as a […]

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Orvis Leather-Bound Atlas & Guides: Know the World

The internet is a great resource for planning an adventure, but it does make things seem a little too easy if you are the type that like to rough it. If you want to roam around the old-fashioned way, but still look good doing it, […]

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Leather Butterfly Chair: Elegant Tailgating

While this style of butterfly chair is not a classy furniture item, more suitable for tailgate parties and outdoor BBQ’s, that doesn’t take away from it’s comfort factor and easy portability. So why not get one that is a little more sophisticated, but still maintains […]

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Emily DeYoung

Emily DeYoung is a 26 year old hottie from Orange County, that makes her living as a bikini and glamour model. She has been featured on the cover of Revolt as well as being a model for Copawear International, which specializes in sexy swimsuits and […]

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