Nike Air Max 365

Fitness training should be a year-round affair, not just a January 2nd event. That’s probably the reasoning for these shoes’ name. The Nike Air Max 365 has that classic look, with a mesh upper for total ventilation. Your feet sweat big time, especially when you […]

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Samsung SMART Camera WB2200F

Normally, the way you identify a professional photographer in an event is through the camera he/she carries. It’s usually the big, beefy ones, with a built-in vertical grip coupled with a monstrous lens. On that account, the new Samsung SMART Camera WB2200F fits right in. […]

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Nikki Du Plessis

Checking the map of the world, you’ll notice that South Africa is at the bottom half of things. But that nation is tops when it comes to a lot of beautiful things, like their women. A great example here is Nikki Du Plessis, an actress […]

Wenger Commando Traveler GMT

Fit for any field commander or even your garden-variety weekend warrior, the Wenger Commando Traveler GMT 74745 looks and plays the part. Housed in a 42mm stainless steel case, the watch has a busy yet functional dial. It has a dual time function, displayed by […]

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Booqpad for iPad Air

Analog and digital can peaceful coexist in this modern world after all. Booq makes sure of that with the introduction of the new Booqpad for iPad Air. One side of the folio holds your brand-new iPad Air and that takes care of the digital side […]

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Shanina Shaik

Shaking things up this 2014 is the lovely Shanina Shaik. We haven’t seen her for a while and a lot has happened since she last visited. For starters, she broke up with her long-time boyfriend, who is also a model. We won’t mention his name […]

Kodak PixPro Smart Lens Camera

The sorcery we now know as digital photography becomes even crazier with items like this next one. Conventional wisdom dictates that a box-like contraption should be called a camera body with the barrel protruding in front as the lens. But the Kodak PixPro Smart Lens […]

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Alexander McQueen Leather Billfold

Truthfully speaking, Jules’ BMF wallet in Pulp Fiction is fierce. I mean, no one will mess around a wallet that has its own label of badassery. This leather billfold version from Alexander McQueen is right on par with that. While the BMF uses words to […]

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Phoebe Parsonage

Doesn’t it bother you to see fantastically beautiful women only to be stumped about their names? That’s usually the case with catalog models – you see hundreds upon hundreds of their photos and you just can’t complete the picture without the name. That could be […]

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

The cold weather has nothing on this classic article of clothing. Having been in the market since 1962, the Levi’s Trucker Jacket is an icon all on its own. Over 50 years later and it’s still a formidable protection from the cold. The classic denim […]

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