Emmanuelle Chriqui

Spectacular as they are, Emmanuelle’s pair of 34 cups are her jewels as she is always proud to show them off! Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui is a Canadian actress who has appeared on both television and the big screen. She appeared in the hit show, […]

Panasonic Wet/Dry Personal Groomer

Shaving can sometimes be a burden to do, especially when dealing with those hard-to-reach areas. Panasonic solves just that. Their new Wet/Dry Personal Groomer boasts of a pivoting handle that locks in six positions from 105 to 180 degrees. If you’re sensitive, it also features […]

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Throwing Star Magnets: For Your Ninja Dreams

Every man has claimed to be a ninja at least once in his life. Admit it, you’ve had ninja dreams yourself too! You’ll love these Throwing Star Magnets. You’ll get two packs of ninja magnets inside a ninja style box. It’s also awesome that these […]

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OpenX Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter

Why not be useful when it comes to gift-wrapping time? Don’t leave the dirty work to your missus! The Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter would be more than happy to lend you a hand when taking on the gift-wrapping mission. It claims to beat the scissors […]

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Christine Lakin

Lil LaKin! Yeah, that’s how they call Christine Helen Lakin, a Texan raised in Atlanta, because of her cute physique (she only stands 5′ 1″ by the way). Christine is an actress, born on January 25, 1975 in Dallas, Texas. She is known for her […]

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Key Of Rock: Hey, It’s A Start

Every man has the secret desire to become a rockstar. Who wouldn’t be? Chicks, booze, rock and roll. Now here’s a little thing to make you feel you’re quite edgier than anyone. Hail the Key of Rock! No, it’s not a key to the gate […]

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Ego Blackbelt Portable: Rugged Storage

Providing extra protection for your precious files is the primary concern for the people of iOmega so they now introduce the eGo Blackbelt Portable Hard Drive. All your files are safe from a 7-foot drop courtesy of the rugged exterior with rubber cushions and spikes. […]

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Nokia N97: Everything in One

If you have been having a hard time looking for a cell phone that would suit all you needs, Nokia N97 is probably made for you. This cell phone has a 3.5 inch widescreen touch display with QWERTY keyboard. It also has 3G connectivity, 32GB […]

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Gemma Atkinson

Who would think that this Brit hot chick goes for the role of Peter Pan? Just as she admitted, Gemma couldn’t wait to get to grips with her latest role – Peter Pan, at the Manchester Opera House this Christmas… Gemma Louise Atkinson who was […]

Ralph Lauren Satchel Briefcase: Style and Security

If you want to be sophisticated enough in your next briefcase purchase, you may want to try this Ralph Lauren Satchel Briefcase. This is made of calfskin with silver hardware throughout the briefcase. Interestingly, this stylish briefcase has a silver key-lock for added security purposes. […]

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