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It’s fast, it’s advanced and it’s got features that might make other camera manufacturers furious for not thinking about it (or for not putting it in their models). The new Pentax K-3 from Ricoh is the company’s latest flagship crop-sensor camera (APS-C sized) delivering 24.3 effective megapixels inside a rugged housing. The ‘fast’ part comes in the form of an 8.3 fps frame rate for machine-gun style continuous shooting. It’s also advanced, thanks to the selectable anti-aliasing filter that you can switch on or off, to get the maximum resolution allowable. The body itself is loaded with Shake Reduction to compensate for blur due to camera shake. This means that even if you’re loading it up with a Pentax lens without SR, then you’re still good to shoot in low shutter speeds or in poorly lit environments. There’s a new SAFOX11 autofocus module with 27 AF points as well, giving you the freedom to select the areas of the frame that need total attention. Made of a magnesium alloy, the body is weather-sealed to let you capture scenes even in adverse conditions. Taking a note out of Nikon’s pages, the Pentax K-3 will come with dual SD card slots as well. The camera will be available as a kit with an 18-135mm lens or just the body only. For those who don’t like the usual black, a limited run of 2,000 silver versions will be available too. $1,300+.

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