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A good discount is always welcomed. When said discount is one bank note’s worth with Ben Franklin smiling over you, then it’s beyond good. Add the fact that the item you’re getting is virtually indestructible and you’re definitely coming up aces. That’s what the Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 is all about. Able to withstand 1.5 tons of static force, the headphones are built to absorb the punishment a casual user might deliver onto it. The sound chamber is made of aluminum, which is important both to the durability and projection factors of the headphones. Fabric cables coupled with beefed-up connectors and a flexible headband will endure all the mangling and twisting that you dish on the CRASH. Leather cushions on the ear cups provide comfort and keep outside noise from mudding up your tunes as well; while the 40mm neodymium drivers send only pure sound to your eardrums. It even has a built-in mic to let you use your iPhone as well. Did I mention the discount? Because you surely wouldn’t wanna miss on that incredible deal so here’s your chance. $200.

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