Pioneer DJ In-Ear Headphones

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Conventional wisdom will help us identify a DJ (or even a wannabe) by the huge over-ear, articulating headphones he’s wearing. It’s not just for style purposes; those huge cans help the jockey isolate the background noise, letting him choose the next track. For that reason, you won’t see DJ’s using the smaller, in-ear headphones. But Pioneer changes that with the introduction of the DJE-1500 and DJE-2000 models. They may be lacking in size compared to the cans but these models pack a serious punch. Featuring dynamic, 9.4mm drivers made of rare earth magnets, the DJE should give the traditional DJ gear a run for their money. Both models can tolerate 6-22,000 Hz frequencies for those deep, punchy bass sounds as well as crisp mids and highs. Like every pro DJ stuff, the cables are detachable and both models come with a variety of earbud tips for a perfect fit. This also prevents outside noise from muddying up your repertoire. Even if you’re not spinning, the DJE would still be a great choice for casual users, thanks to its robust construction and superior sound quality. $160+.

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