Plunder Media News: 01-09-09

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Got some hotness for you all today; gear and girls. It’s Friday… we ain’t got no jobs… and we ain’t got s**t to do… except show you cool stuff.

Plunder Girls: Jakki Degg is one of the best from Page 3, and always belongs on page one.

Plunder Guide: Logitech Harmony 1100 is the ultimate universal remote. While Polgar Krisztina, the Hungarian hottie, is ultimately universally gorgeous.

Hipster Chic: The Ceramic Noodle Cup is the top for your ramen.

Gizmo Groove: This Macbook with Giant Click Wheel makes a big-ass iPod. For you Rock Band junkies there’s the Drum Kit T-Shirt… how do you wash this thing?

Plunder Tech: This Underwater hands-free HD Video Camera is perfect for your backyard Koi Pond.

Sole Redemption: KIKS TYO x New Balance 574: Go for the Gold.

Kicksaholic: BBC Ice Cream Waffle Cone kicks, Pharrell is for real with these?

Friends: Bachelor Guy: The Hottest Co-Eds at the Top Party School.

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