Plunder Media News: 01-20-09

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Here’s a quick recap of this long weekend for King Day, and beginning of a new week for Obama Day!

Plunder Guide: Had some hotties with the likes of Dutch pin-up babe Ancilla Tilia and buxom blonde Brit Gemma Garrett. There’s more of your favorite pet Erica Ellyson and a little Freida Pinto to spice it up… she makes the perfect trophy wife for a Slumdog Millionaire. In cars, the Volkswagen Concept BlueSport is a sleek and eco-friendly roadster.

Plunder Girls: All we can say is wow. Sarah Stage is a hot mixed-Latina hottie. Casey Carlson is like a super-cute girl next door who has some real pipes. And, Nena Ristic can woo you in five languages.

Plunder Tech: The XCM Dominator PS3 Joystick is only for serious nerds, …er gamers.

Hipster Chic: The Harajuku Lovers Bunny Bag is like Gwen meets Sanrio.

Friends: Wristwatch Haven: The Movado Series 800 Automatic Chronograph is a sick racing watch.

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