Plunder Media News: 02-12-09

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Our biggest announcement is the launch of our very own car news site, Auto Infection. Check it out for everything from Porsche to Maybach to Mitsubishi, etc. All types of vehicles, but only hot ones!

Plunder Guide: Check out hottie Melissa Adams and the ever-beautiful Lucy Pinder and her V-day pics! In stuff: Watch out! This Bullet has your name on it! Not into guns? This Samurai Sword Umbrella cuts right through the tension!

Plunder Girls: DJ Astrea Leon spins you right round, baby right round, like a record…

Auto Infection: The new Nissan GT-R SpecV speeds through the skyline. The Maybach Zeppelin is too expensive for your blood. Model Misa Campo is by far the hottest import.

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