Plunder Media News: 12-30-08

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Here’s some news around our network and some shout outs to friends.

Sole Redemption: Nike Air Classic BW Safari is fit for the Urban Jungle.

Kicksaholic: Nike Zoom Kobe IV Chaos gets the MVP ready for another title run.

Hipster Chic: Retro Webcam – Hollywood Swingin’.

Plunder Girls: Melissa Marie is Hot Salsa!

Plunder Guide: Fernanda Motta conquers the Brazilian modeling scene.

Plunder Tech: Lightsaber Nunchucks are a Force to be reckoned with.

Gizmo Groove: Eagle Eye Stimulights offers ‘night vision’.

Friends: EU Kicks: Nike Dunk SB Twin Peaks creeps us out a little bit. Where’s the midget in the red room?

Bachelor Guy: F’ed up Vanity Plates the DMV let slip by.

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