Plunder Media News: 12-31-08

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It’s the end of the year, ups and downs, joys and sorrows, not just for the economy but for all the talented people who passed this year. Hopefully, next year will see better days. Enjoy today’s highlights.

Plunder Girls: The Keeley Hazell 2009 Calendar helps us ring in the new year on a high note.

Plunder Guide: The Camo Laptop Bag would be perfect for the jungles of Brazil, hey speaking of Brazilian Jungles, Raica Oliveira is enough to get all sorts of wildlife ready to mate.

SoleRedemption: Adidas x Vespa, the perfect combination for mods on scooters.

Kicksaholic: It’s not quite Chinese New Year yet, but it’s soon, and as stylish as ever with the Nike Year of the Ox Pack.

Gizmo Groove: Eliica Electric Car… Eight Wheels of Fury?!

Hipster Chic: Love is the New Hate Watch makes the perfect gift for V-Day!

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