PlunderGuide Picks 3-22-12

March has certainly been a mad month for us. We celebrated several occasions and for the penultimate week of the month, here are some of our selected products for continuing the madness.

We started with something rather geeky, in honor of Albert Einsteins birth anniversary with this:

  • Cadence Radian – $54.
  • A few days later, St. Patty’s Day rolled in, which necessitated the following items:

  • The Tjiller Beer Chiller – $14.
  • Celtic FC Away Jersey – $60.
  • ShotShell XL – $100.
  • Oenophilia Bouquet Wine Rack – $23.
  • After a drinking party comes the hangover, which could be countered by a great mix through the:

  • Breville Hemisphere Blender – $200.
  • Or with a couple of:

  • Sparkling ICE Spring Water – $15+.
  • Then relax while watching:

  • Game of Thrones: First Season – $44.

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