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PowerPak Ultra

Nowadays, being ‘in the wilderness’ simply means being away from your smartphone, tablet or any other gizmo for an extended period of time. But when you actually venture into the great outdoors, you’d need something to keep your tech items powered up. This is when the PowerPak Ultra comes in handy. Coming from New Trent, this battery pack is ruggedized for the bumps and splashes of your next adventure. Drop it or dunk it, it doesn’t matter because the PowerPak Ultra is designed to take the abuse. Inside this portable power plant is a 14,000 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery that’s good for 51.8 watt-hours when loaded with 3.7 volts. Put simply, its batteries have 700% more capacity than the ones in your phones. Or even more simple - the PowerPak Ultra can juice up your phone six times on a single charge of its internal batteries. It has a standard micro USB input and two regular USB outputs. One comes out with 5V at 1A for your smartphone and another at 2A for your tablets. Fair warning though - the PowerPak Ultra may be rugged but don’t test its limits when your iPhone or other gadget is connected. $70.

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