Ravi Wine Cooler: Drinking Done Digital

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Never again have a slightly too warm wine.
Never again have a slightly too warm wine.

We’ve all been to the party where the host will start talking and completely forget about the fact that the wine is sitting out getting warm. No longer a problem, with the Ravi wine cooler. The cooler attaches at the top of the bottle of wine and cools the wine on the way out, which is much more effective than just chilling the bottle. The real innovative part, however is that the cooling system is made from the same materials used during fermentation, so the taste is 100% true and unaltered. I predict a new trend in wine culture, as we move closer and closer to a digital world. $50.

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One Comment to “Ravi Wine Cooler: Drinking Done Digital”

  1. 02-12-2009 at 2:10 pm

    The Ravi works so so, only chills it down about 4-7 degrees F so only good for some types of reds. Not useful for whites, Chardonnay etc.. For a more versatile wine chiller go to It chills wine and single-serve drinks like beer, soda in 1 minute or to ice cold in 2mins for cans–also does bottles. Chills wine from 77F to 68F in 1 min, to 53F in 3 mins, and 42F in 6mins and is only about $60 which makes for a better value than the Ravi

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