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Water is, in its purest form, a poor conductor. But don’t tell that to the dude who recently dropped his iPhone (or another smartphone) into the toilet from his drunken stupor. Since the water we normally encounter is full of contaminants, it becomes a good conductor. This means bad news for your gadget that end up in the drink. Common knowledge will call for you to power down said phone and burying it in some uncooked rice. Some times it works; other times you get a carbo-loaded grain that’s a bit soggy. The makers of the Reviveaphone claims to have a product that will work all the time. When your phone gets dunked, just power it down (if it didn’t die by itself already), put the phone in the pouch then pour the solution. Soak your device for 7 minutes before drying it on the provided tray for 24 hours. The chemicals from the Reviveaphone solution removes the mineral residue left when you dry up your phone. Those same minerals can cause a short-circuit which effectively bricks your phone. The product is promising and the makers of Reviveaphone think that buying it is a lot better than dealing with insurance. Why not give it a try and see if indeed it revives your wet phone. ~$25.

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