Rishon Addalock: Secure That Door

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Have a good night’s rest knowing that you have added a layer of security on the door of your house or rented room courtesy of the Addalock. The simple door lock fits inward swinging doors without requiring tools or special installation. A simple two-part machine makes sure your doors stay closed from inside, so even if the knob’s locks are picked, you still have the Addalock in the way. Just open the door, insert the claw part into the strike hole, close the door to secure the claw, then insert the pin of the wedge part making sure it’s firmly resting on the door. Lift the wedge to release the lock, it’s that easy. Now you can at least sleep in peace without having to think about the robber or axe murderer that wants to bust in because he has to go through another layer of door security. $20.

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