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Rockstars, particularly the successful ones, have the most fun in the world. They can express their hearts’ contents, drink to their fill and get boatloads of cash. Not everyone of us can be big rock n’ rollers, but if you do manage to rake in the dough, it’s just proper you carry your Benjies within the Sell Outs Money Clips. Alright, let’s clarify things first; sell out is referring to the all those arenas being sold-out, hence the fat stacks of cash that need handling. Coming from the brilliant minds at Rocket design studio, the money clips look like miniature guitars and are available in three models: one that looks like a Flying V, another a dreadnaught guitar and of course, the Stratocaster type. Rocket is offering 21 other accessories that are all inspired by the rock n’ roll lifestyle including a coaster that looks like vinyl records, guitar salt and pepper shakers and even a doorstop looking like the play/pause button on your stereo. The project is looking for funding via Kickstarter and a couple of bucks of pledge will give you these fantastic brushed stainless steel money clips. $15.

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