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A modern version of the vintage backpack carried by the Swiss military, the Jaeger by RUGGLIFE is a sturdy, canvas backpack that’s as versatile as those rugged Alpine mountaineers. Durable heavy duty canvas, custom magnetic gunmetal buckles, drawstring, and modern compartments for your smartphone, music player, and laptop, the Jaeger Backpack is geared towards the ascending the Alps as well as the mountains we climb in our daily lives. Convenient magnetic buckles allow quick access to all your gadgets while hiking or camping. The straps and back are ultra padded for unrivaled comfort. It also functions as a casual unisex laptop bag (it easily fits a 16″ laptop). Colorful contrast stitching (light orange) give our bags that unique look you can’t find anywhere else. The magnetic buckles and drawstring allow for quick access to a roomy 23 liter capacity (measures 19″ x 12″ x 6″ / 48cm x 30cm x 15cm). The classy lined interior features multiple smartphone and audio pockets as well as a laptop sleeve that can easily fit a 16 inch laptop. $70.

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