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Rungu Juggernaut

Snow or sand don’t stand a chance when you’re riding the unusual-looking Rungu Juggernaut. Don’t adjust your eyes or your screen - the bike really has two fat wheels up in front. Fat bikes are preferred by extreme riders who choose to tackle difficult terrain. But sometimes, even those bikes get bogged down. Rungu promises to get you out of sticky situations when you’re on the Juggernaut. That’s because the bike provides 50% more float than other comparable models. Though there’s really no comparison because this offering from Rungu is truly one-of-a-kind. It has an extended wheelbase (54″) for stability and the large wheels (up to 29″ in diameter) can go over obstacles 6″ high with ease. Shimano provides the hardware, including the 9-speed Deore chain, plus the rear brakes and rear derailleur. The handle bar is nearly 33″ wide to let you handle this bullfrog tricycle easily. And the Juggernaut is coated in green, which shows that it means business when you take it out for a ride. $2,500+.

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