Samsung SMART Camera WB2200F

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Normally, the way you identify a professional photographer in an event is through the camera he/she carries. It’s usually the big, beefy ones, with a built-in vertical grip coupled with a monstrous lens. On that account, the new Samsung SMART Camera WB2200F fits right in. While it doesn’t carry a thousand-dollar lens, it’s quite powerful, with a focal length equivalent to 20-1200mm in 35mm speak. That’s a 60x optical zoom for those counting. What sets this superzoom apart is the built-in vertical grip on the body. This is quite useful when you’re shooting in portrait mode, because you don’t have to twist your wrists to click the shutter. The one on the grip handles that duty. Image capture is through a 16.3 MP 1/2.3″ BSI-CMOS sensor with ISO sensitivity that can be boosted up to 6400. Equipped with NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity, the WB2200F lets you share your images in an instant. Sure, appearances don’t really count as far as cameras are concerned, but you’ll thank us later when you take a thousand or more shots in portrait through the grip on this camera. $TBD.

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