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Travel is good; it gives you an insight into other cultures and broadens your understanding of other people. Traveling without battery power for your camera, smartphone or laptop however, is no fun. Keep the joy running wherever your destination may be when you’re loaded up with the Satechi Smart Travel Router. As stated in the product’s name, this is for the smart traveler who’d wanna keep their devices powered. The brick features retractable prongs that fit in to most mains outlets around the world. It will work for outlets in nearly 150 countries across the planet, including the US, Hong Kong, the UK and most of the EU. Basically, you extend the prongs of whatever available outlet there is, plug in your device on the Smart Travel Router and enjoy an AC-AC connection. This means that this isn’t an AC to DC voltage conversion affair. It does have a USB port though to let you charge your gadget that way. On the router side of things, the device functions in four wireless networking modes. It can be your typical router, a repeater that amplifies your signal, an access point for maximum mobility or it can be client for your connected devices like Smart TVs and gaming consoles. The Smart Travel Router is available now and you shouldn’t leave the country without it. $45.

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