Sceptre X322BV-HDR

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Couch potatoes would not admit it but the biggest vampire in terms of electricity consumption is the TV. After all, once you got rid of the power-hungry cathode ray tube versions, then you get the false sense that your TV doesn’t consume all that juice. But they’re not all alike – some, like the Sceptre X322BV-HDR, manages power better than others. The Energy Star V6.0-compliant TV will nibble on around $8.60 worth of electricity for the whole year. That’s probably cheaper than the coffee you might be enjoying at the moment. The 32″ TV also has a lamp that’s rated for 50,000 hours of continuous usage, or about five years constantly on. To maximize the Sceptre’s HDTV feature, the X322BV-HDR comes with 3 HDMI inputs and it can even serve as your computer monitor. Think of all the potential there. It’s available now at your leading electronics stores, but Walmart offers one of the lowest prices. $179.

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