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Do you often forget your home or office keys every time you go out? There’s no solution for a forgetful mind but there’s a way to unlock your doors even without a key anywhere you are via your cellphone! The SCHLAGE LiNK Starter Kit will show you how… The SCHLAGE LiNK is safe and easy to install, remotely-accessed from your phone, and with email or text message advisory when a PIN code is used to unlock your door. It also has a unique 4-digit pass-codes set up for your family members, guests or office staff. Now you can lock and unlock your door wherever you are in the world, just don’t forget your phone! $300.

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One Comment to “SCHLAGE LiNK Starter Kit”

  1. 02-16-2009 at 6:08 pm

    The lock works great, and you do *NOT* need to buy the Schlage bridge or pay the Schlage monthly service. Vera, from Mi Casa Verde, fully supports the Schlage locks, uses the same level of security, also supports remote access from web and cell phone, does everything the Schlage bridge does and MUCH MORE (see: And there is *NO* mandatory subscription fee. Through 3/31/09 Mi Casa Verde is giving everyone who buys Vera + the Schlage LiNK a lifetime subscription to their online hosted services as well, which is normally $199. You save $100 by buying the Schlage lock without their bridge, plus $150/year by not using their subscription, and $199 from Mi Casa Verde. See: This makes it more affordable, and you get a real, full-featured home control system that supports all Z-Wave devices and does energy monitoring too.

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