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Moved into a neighborhood close to a nuclear facility lately? It’s always good to err on the side of caution and this is the perfect app and iDevice accessory for you. After the nuclear meltdown in Japan last March, radiation monitors have become popular and this one from Scosche takes advantage of the convenience of having an iPod or iPhone. A solid-state device hooks up with your smartphone or player and the app displays the radiation level in your area. The simple colors let you identify if the zone is safe (green), elevated (yellow) and dangerous (red). There’s also a detailed, digital readout for those who demand precision. The device can read in micro Sieverts per hour, counts per minute and even the dosage you may have been receiving. You can even share your results into your favorite social networking sites to warn those in the vicinity. It’s currently out of stock and won’t be sold in the US. $330.

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