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Sennheiser HD 360

It may not be in the official Sennheiser catalog anymore but the HD-360 Pro DJ headphones are still worth your while. Why? Because it’s being offered at an incredible discount right now. Outside, it looks like your typical DJ-style headphones, with a large headband and even larger cups. Those are covered with leatherette and if properly worn, will keep outside noises from dampening your sound. Inside said cups are the large, 32mm drivers with neodymium magnets for a truly powerful boom. The headphones are good for sounds ranging from 15-22,000 Hz with a 110 decibel sensitivity. How loud is 110 decibels? Try sitting next to a power saw at full tilt and you’ll hear it. But we suggest that you don’t go too loud for long periods of time, unless you want to sustain that ringing sound inside your head. The Sennheiser HD-360 has a folding design so you can take it to your next gig or your next destination. Did I mention that you can save up to 72% for this product? $42.

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