Shwood Canby Salvaged Series

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While we all can agree that wood can be a visual treat, especially when incorporated on fantastic designs, it’s still an extremely rare and valuable resource. Trees take a lot of time to grow and mature to yield those grains that we all come to love. For a company like Shwood, one that makes use of exotic wood, it’s a material that’s worth its weight in gold. But the company also has a fantastic vision of the future by looking at the past. They’ve partnered with Aurora Mills, a salvaging company, to locate vintage hardwood, particularly Redwood, for this new line of sunglasses. Using the Canby model, the Salvaged Series will be made from aged lumber. For #1 in the series, the frame will be made from Redwood sourced from a barn in Salem, Oregon that dates back to 1910. This means that the wood is well over a hundred years old. This gives it exceptional character and a totally unique look. Only 50 will be made so go place your orders now and receive something special. Not only will you look extremely cool, you’ll be helping the environment in the process too, since no new trees will be sacrificed for your shades. $250.

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