Shwood Canby Select Redwood Burl

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The cold of winter could lead you into thinking that the sun is taking a vacation. But it’s further from the truth because behind the clouds are ever dangerous UV rays. Cut those off in the most stylish way possible with the Shwood Canby Select. This model comes with a frame topped with a redwood burl that has a character all on its own. Because wood patterns are never the same, each one of these Canby Select sunglasses is as individual as your very own fingerprints. Keeping the frame strong and flexible is the aircraft-grade birch core while the grey polarized lenses for style and for UV protection. Each Shwood Canby comes with a soft travel case and for even more personalization, the sunglasses can be custom-engraved. It’s time to go back now to your winter playground, knowing fully well that if you’re wearing these Canby sunglasses, you’re fully protected from harmful rays and your style packs an enormous punch. $325.

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