Why Soccer Matters

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Why Soccer Matters

In some parts of the world, football (or soccer, if you prefer it that way) is not just a game but a religious experience. For them, the beautiful game is an amazing event. And Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more affectionately called Pele, is a god. Brazil’s loss to Uruguay had a profound effect on the young Pele and his family. He vowed to make his dad and his friends happy by winning a World Cup for Brazil and he did just that. Three times in fact. And in the process, he became a legend, scoring the most goals ever in a career that can only be described as epic. Why Soccer Matters is his take on the beautiful game that united his country. Brazil is a mixture of different ethnic groups and people of varying economic statuses. But Pele gave them a reason to be one. In a few days, the world’s focus will be on Brazil yet again when the World Cup is hosted in Rio de Janeiro. You can be sure that Pele would be there, cheering on his squad. But he would also call for peace and unity and a greater appreciation of life through the game of soccer. Read all about it in this 304-page book that’s available in Kindle or hardcover versions. $13+.

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