SPRiZZi Drink Machine

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SPRiZZi Drink Machine

A nice, tall glass of fizzy drink should hit the spot when the summer heat becomes too unbearable. Save your money by mixing your own carbonated drink with the SPRiZZI Drink Machine. Beautifully-designed, the drink maker has a room for a CO2 container (to provide the fizz) and an easy to use front section for dispensing carbonated or non-carbonated fluids. The flavor comes in a ‘bullet’ pack, with choices of soda, fruit juices or energy drinks. A 16 oz. serving of pop sets you back about 35 cents and a bit more for other varieties which means huge savings for you in the long run. The Kickstarter project is over its target funding so you’re sure to get your SPRiZZi if you order yours. $197+.

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