SpyHawk FPV R/C Plane

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SpyHawk FPV R/C Plane

There are very few feelings that could rival the joy of flight. Alright, a date with Scarlett Johansson would be better but that’s another story altogether. When your dreams of soaring through the air are hampered by your mortal fear of heights, you can go on a different direction. You can simply fly the SpyHawk FPV R/C Plane from Hubsan. The remote-controlled airplane is loaded with a camera just below the nose cone. It transmits live video to the controller for that exciting first-person view of your flight. There’s even a recording module to capture your flight on an SD card. The plane itself is made of crash-resistant foam and can be assembled very quickly. The package even comes with a spare propeller which will be useful in the inevitable crash. A 3-axis stabilization system helps you avoid that though, so novice fliers or even the veterans can enjoy flying the SpyHawk. You’ve probably heard of a lot of horror stories from people flying their planes or drones in restricted area. Because of that, we suggest that you get to know the prevailing laws about flying these particular types of aircraft in your area. Having fun flying the SkyHawk also carries some responsibility. $240.

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