Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper

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Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper
Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper

Year in and year out, a bunch of big, burly men with bludgeons in their hands and knives at their feet fight tooth (literally) and nail to get the chance to kiss the oldest trophy in North America. We’ll do you one better, because you can enjoy freshly-popped popcorn, without risking life and limb with this fantastic item. The Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper is a 17″ replica of the Stanley Cup, given to the National Hockey League champions. The real thing has plenty of stories and has become a serving bowl for items like popcorn, which you can make with this thing. Go on and make your own stories with this version of the Stanley Cup, and enjoy the taste and smell of fresh popcorn in the process. $80.

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